Tips for Getting Rid of Pests

Pests are visible throughout the year in many regions. Some regions have pests worse than others. Warmer temperatures usually attract them the most. Pest Control is a service performed by an experienced technician to prevent pests from becoming a problem. A pest control service can also be used when there already is a problem to get rid of it and keep it from coming back. There are things that can be done to prevent pests from entering a home.

Clean Up

When a mess is made, it is important to clean up so pests are not attracted to it. For example, food crumbs and spills may attract roaches and ants. Fruit sitting out in the open may attract fruit flies. Regardless of the bug, if not handled, they can cause an infestation. Bugs carry diseases and can trigger different allergies in people. It can make people very sick. This can all be avoided by cleaning up any messes that are made and making sure dishes are washed and not left out.

Seal Open Food

Food left open and not sealed is an open door for mice, ants, rats, beetles, and moths. These pests get in pantries and are hard to get rid of. Rice, flour, sugar, and dried pasta noodles are some of the most common food items they get in to. Cereal is also pretty common. It is recommended for these items to be stored in airtight glass, plastic, or rubber containers. If these pantry pests do get in, a thorough cleaning will need to be done. Each shelf of the pantry will need to be vacuumed and cleaned with bleach and all of the food contaminated will need to be thrown away.

Over-the-Counter Sprays

Over-the-counter sprays are available for a quick fix with bugs and other types of pests. This is mostly used for ant control, spiders, roaches, and flies. They have chemicals to kill the bugs right away. Even after using these sprays, a thorough cleaning of the area should be done to wipe away the poison.

Routine Pest Service

A routine pest service can be set up through a local company. They can spray pesticides or other environmentally friendly products to keep pests from becoming a nuisance in the home.

Termite Inspection

Termites are a costly type of pest. They eat wood on the home and can cause major damage. An annual termite inspection should be performed for termite control. Companies also have termite bonds available should something happen with a termite infestation.

Pest & termite companies have many plans available to control pests. It is a good idea to find out what is available in the area to protect your home. Ask if they offer a discount for multiple services provided. This can save you time, money, and frustration.

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